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Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 5: St. George, UT (Leg: 0, Trip: 1,099.7)

Well, today was golf day with my friend George at his country club. My other friend Terry was also able to come along as a rider. Unfortunately, he is unable to golf these days. Bloomington Country Club is a very well kept facility. The course is not super hard, but not a give away either.

I shot a 97 which isn't great, but overall not bad either. I had two pars, and shots for several more. Unfortunately, I had two holes which really did me in. If I get a lousy tee shot, I often have a hard time recovering from it. And that's what happened on #7 and #8. #17 hole was my favorite because of it's scenic beauty. It is a short par 3 with water on the left. But as you look up over the green, you get a great mountain view.

Weather today was slightly cloudy this morning with those alto stratus clouds. By noon or so, they moved out and the sky became totally clear. I don't know what the temperature was while we were playing but it was very pleasant. Now (at 4pm) it is 82 degrees. There was no wind until we finished our round, but then a slight breeze has come up.

Tonight we are going to dinner at a place called "Gun Barrel" with George and his wife Vickki. That should be great food and fun. I will play golf on Sunday again and will try to get a few pictures to put on the blog.

We just got a call from our son, Jonathan (who just turned 21 last week) that he was accepted by the Washington State Patrol to go through their academy and become a state trooper! It has been a long process with all the steps taking a year or so. He has a few to go, but has been conditionally hired (he has to pass the last step) and will start the academy on July 15. Congrats Jonathan! You should be proud of the accomplishment.

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