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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 3: Nephi, UT (Leg: 315.4, Trip: 878.3)

We were unable to get a good picture of the "Welcome to Utah" sign, but this is the center part of it.

If you read Carol's blog, you already know some of she has some pretty pictures!

But we left this morning at 8:20. Overnight the temps must have been very close to freezing as the windows on the car had some ice and there was ice in the hoses for the RV hookups. Fortunately, not enough to matter.

Now, I know we drove near the "Craters of the Moon" which should have been very close to our route. However, we never did see a sign for it. But I didn't realize just how close they were. For the last 20 or so miles on I84 in Idaho before you separate from I86 and turn south, the road was extremely bumpy. So I figure we were actually driving on the craters and no sign was needed.

We had a very easy drive and arrived sometime shortly after 2:30. We are up at about 5,300 feet here and it is sunny and very warm. In fact, so warm, that I ditched my cool clothes and am wearing shorts and short sleeves now! Of course, being this high, it will be cold tonight with a low of 40. It did seem like as soon as we left Twin Falls, the weather was perfect and has stayed that way.

The mountains we saw were breathtaking! At times we were surrounded by them all wearing their white capes of snow. The picture below doesn't do justice to the Creator's work on display here.

The Sawtooth Mountains (click to enlarge)

Tonight I want to try to see if I can see any stars outside. I'm betting on seeing the Milky Way and I have my star charts for locating other constellations.

After we arrived, I was doing some programming for Montebello USD in California. I've been doing stuff for them for 36 years now, so it has been a long and rewarding relationship for them and me.

Tomorrow's leg should also be pretty easy as it is only 218 miles. So we should get to St. George in plenty of time to get all setup and maybe check it out a bit. (After all, we have to allow Carol time to visit WalMart).
The weather here in Nephi is so nice and warm, that I got the bikes out of the car, reassembled the front tires and we went for a 5 mile bike ride. That's really the first exercise we have had for a few days and the ride was pretty easy. In fact, I would have thought the altitude here would have bothered Carol and me, but it didn't at all!

This last picture was from a rest area just after we crossed into Utah. The spot is just before the Bonneville Salt Flats. Seems that this is "doggie heaven."


Carol K said...

Don't forget that it's YOUR SOCKS that I want to look for at WalMart!

Raider Dave said...

Does anyone really think she is only going there for socks?