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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2: Twin Falls, ID (Leg: 346.8, trip 562.9)

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Carol and I both woke up about an hour before we planned to. So we got up and went and used our discount coupons for breakfast at the casino. Then we packed up, unhooked, and went to gas up the RV. Left the area at about 8:30 headed east.

Those hills I had in the picture yesterday soon became mountains with a summit of 4300 feet. The RV really handled it well, automatically shifting into the needed gear. It also has a tow feature, that when activated, will automatically downshift when needed for braking. We hit rain in the mountains and some brief periods of wind, but nothing of any consequence. We also saw some snow accumulations like the one pictured below.

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Just west of Ontario, OR, you switch to mountain time. We hit that spot at 11:06 and watched as our cell phones made the automatic time adjustment as we went from one cell tower to the other. Unfortunately, my cell phone must be wired directly to my stomach (or maybe my stomach uses bluetooth!) because I became instantly hungry for lunch! Luckily we were only about 25 minutes away from the next rest stop so we had lunch there.

The rest of the drive was under partly cloudy skies and hardly any wind. We made Idaho Falls about 4:30 (or 3:30 if you are on pacific time) which was really good time.

By the way, don't litter in Idaho....the fine is $6,250.

The RV park here is a joke! The Wifi is limited to only 1meg so that you can't play games or watch shows. Unfortunately, posting blogs is painfully slow too. The cable TV signal is very poor and unwatchable, and there are trees in the way of the satellite signal. The cost is over $40, so we will never stay here again for sure!

Tomorrow we head for Nephi, Utah, a distance of 306 miles. Should be a fairly easy drive and we won't lose an hour for time changes either.

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