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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 18: Grand Canyon, AZ (Leg: 278, Trip: 1,570)

We had a good (not great) time at the show last night. I think the acrobatics were really good, but there didn't seem to be a story line (at least one that I could decipher). As the tickets were expensive, I was very surprised when they charged $12 for a program. At the ticket prices, they should have included the program free. I'm thinking Las Vegas overall has gone down hill. Back when the mob ran things, there were all kinds of deals to be had and the customer was king. Now that business people are running things, it seems not such a good deal.

We left just after nine this morning. Went through Boulder down across Hoover Dam to I-40. When crossing the Dam, you must stop to be inspected. I had to open some of the outer compartments and an inspector also came inside the RV for a minute. But nothing really bad and it took less than 5 minutes. They are building a new bridge across the water spillway and when it opens later this year, you will not be able to cross over on the dam. The new highway bridge will be much better as it is straighter and has two lanes in both directions.

We stopped for lunch in Kingman at Cracker Barrel. My food was fine but Carol didn't think hers was up to expectations. We had heard from some friends of ours that were here a month ago that there were a few wildflowers blooming but that we'd be too late for them. As you can see below, there were plenty left. (More on this later in this post)

Wildflowers on the I-40 Arizona hillside near Grand Canyon

On I 40, it started getting pretty windy which made the drive a lot of fun. As we climbed over 5,000 feet, we started getting snow and had intermittent snow all the way to the GC. We arrived here just about 4pm and got to our site with no problem. The sites are nothing to write home about as they are dirt and not a lot of space between sites. It will get down to 19 degrees tonight, so we turned the outside water hose off and will use our 50 gallon internal tank overnight, then refill it tomorrow. Also, you don't leave the sewer hose connected here because the ravens can smell them and come and poke holes in them which can make for an icky mess.

It snowed some more as the heavy clouds would drift over. Left a good amount on the car. But then the sun comes right out and warms it up until the next snow shower.

Snow on our car window just after the sun came out

We had dinner in the RV then tried to get up to the canyon before sunset. By the time we found a parking place, it was getting to dark to really see. We came back to the RV and worked on internet connections. I am using my cell phone and extender. Carol is using her phone too. Seems to be working pretty good. At the Market Cafe they have free wifi and we tried it, but everyone else was there too and I suspect they were downloading movies and whatever. The speed was 54mb, but the actual throughput was pathetic.

Back to the now you probably know Arizona well enough to know that the picture of the flowers is fake. I couldn't resist pulling someone's chain.

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John and Ellen said...

Great picture of the Wildflowers!