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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 17: Las Vegas, NV(Leg: 0, Trip: 1,292.3)

Here we are in Las Vegas for our extra day. This morning I did some remote computer work for a couple of clients. Tonight we are going to Mystere at Treasure Island. The wind is with us today with gusts of up to 50mph. Today at Grand Canyon Village there were gusts of 80mph, so I think we made the right decision to wait to head there tomorrow. (Though I would have sure liked that tail wind!)

No pictures for today. Instead, I am going to present my awards for the hotels -- best and worst!

First the best category.....

1) Best outdoor theme carried on into the property.....The Venetian; honorable mention to Paris and New York, New York. Inside and out, these three really do it right.

2) Best parking with freeway access and very close to theater onsite...Treasure Island. Our parking was just steps from the theater area.

3) Best use of flowers....The Bellagio. No contest, No one even close.

4) Best view.....Paris. The Eiffel Tower ride is a must do.

5) Largest Hotel....Caesar's Palace. It just goes on and on and on....the Energizer hotel.....And you'd better have lots of energy to do it!

6) Best Lobby...Paris. Well done art and walls, looks classy. Close second is the Venetian.

7) Best background music....the Venetian. No contest. No one else even close. Their classical music blended well with their theme.

8) Best Pool...Monte Carol and Mandalay Bay.

Now for the worst....

1) Worst theme...The Mirage. Wish this place were one. Unfortunately it is real...a real bore that is.

2) Most inconsistent use of theme.....Treasure Island. They have a great outdoor theme all displayed and then totally forget about it once you are inside.

3) Worst Casino.....The Mirage. Low ceilings, very dark.

4) Most Confusing....Mandalay Bay. You walk and walk forever and there are no signs to really help you. The maps are confusing. They do say "you are here" but you don't really want to be.

5) Worst Customer Service....Tie between the Luxor, the Mirage, and Caesar's Palace. We'll give it to the Luxor, but the others didn't lose by much. All had unbelievably long lines in the lobby waiting for service.

6) Sneakiest Hotel....Caesar's Palace. They make it easy for you to come in from the street, but difficult to leave the same way.

7) Most stuck up hotel.....hands down, the Luxor. They won't allow pictures inside - everyone else did. What are they hiding??? It can't be people as they are easily found in line to check in.

Where did your favorite fall?

Tomorrow, onto the Big Ditch!

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