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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 16: Las Vegas, NV(Leg: 0, Trip: 1,292.3)

When we got back to the RV on Monday afternoon, we went swimming and then out to dinner at Dave's Famous Barbecue. Once home from that, it was getting dark, so I decided to play golf at the putting course here at the park. They have 9 holes, each a puttable par 3. The course is lighted for evening golf. The greens are very slow to prevent you from losing the ball. So you really have to whack it hard to get it down near the pin. The holes are twisting and turning and with different levels so they are not easy. Plus with the lights at night, there are shadows that fool you into thinking the ground breaks in a different direction.

One of the tee areas at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

Some holes like the one below, are relatively easy. Others are difficult to do in the par 3. But it is a challenge and fun too.

The shortest and easiest hole on the course

When I connected to the Internet this morning, I looked at the weather forecast for Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We are supposed to head there tomorrow (Wednesday). The forecast calls for extremely strong winds (50-70mph) all the way there up through tomorrow night. There is a severe wind warning for the entire route and slab sided vehicles (Trucks, RVs, etc) are not recommended.

Carol and I decided therefore to alter our plans and spend an extra day in Las Vegas and only 5 days in the Grand Canyon. She made the call to change the GC reservation and we then added a day here. We aren't really sad about this change as we are enjoying the area here.

Then we tried to get some discounted show tickets. Unfortunately, the prices aren't discounted near enough for us. At the time we tried, they were only discounting the most expensive tickets and not by all that much.

We then parked at the Bellagio and began our tour of hotel/casinos for today. The Belagio is really nice and their "Conservatory" is filled with flowers. This hotel is very bright inside with lots of natural light. The flowers are all in bloom and the fragrances are a treat to enjoy.

Flowers in the Conservatory at the Bellagio

Very pretty blooms

A bug from one of my programs???
After the Bellagio, we crossed over Las Vegas Blvd on a skybridge and went to the Paris Hotel/Casino. Here we rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower. This is an actual 1/2 scale model and they used the actual original blueprints to build it. When you get to the top via elevator, you are 50 stories above everything. The view is great from that perch. While you are outside, you are screened in so you can't do anything stupid. The wind was already starting to come up while we were up there. They let you stay at the top as long as you like and we stayed there for about 20 minutes or so.

After that, we went and toured the lobby, shops, and casino. This is another hotel that stayed true to their theme both inside and outside. It was a joy to visit this facility. In the lobby, there were no long lines as we have seen at others.

Full view of Eiffel Tower

From the Paris, we took another skybridge back into the Belagio and after walking what seemed like forever, we came to the free tram station to the Monte Carlo. We rode over there and had lunch in the food court. We saw their lobby and yes, it did have lines too. Then we walked around a bit and left. This hotel has a nice swimming facility with a lazy river and wave pool. But it has no theme that we could detect so it was not very inspiring.

We rode the tram back to Bellagio, got in the car and came back to the RV. The storm is really starting to move in. We are supposed to get some thunderstorms and the sky is already clouded over. Also the wind has already risen to 24mph with gusts up to 37 and it is supposed to get worse tonight and tomorrow through the day. It should finally begin to calm down tomorrow evening, so leaving Thursday for the Grand Canyon looks like a safe bet right now.

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