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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 15: Las Vegas, NV(Leg: 0, Trip: 1,292.3)

Welcome sign on Las Vegas Blvd from the south

The sign above is on Las Vegas Blvd. as you come up the "strip" from the south side. This sign was erected in 1959 and is on the National Register of Historical Landmarks. I would have used this picture on Saturday when we arrived, but we didn't get a good take until today. So Welcome to Las Vegas, 2 days late.

A special welcome to Randy and Pam Warner, two new followers who have climbed aboard the virtual RV. As I understand from Carol, Randy and Pam are recent full time RVers so they know all about the lifestyle.

Yesterday we went swimming here at the RV resort. There is a main pool, pictured below, and 4 ancillary pools located in each corner of the resort. You truly are never far from a pool here.

Main pool and 1 of 2 spas at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

We had dinner last night in the RV and then did a short 2.5 mile bike ride. We would have rode longer, but it got too dark. Then we spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching some TV. We really haven't had time to watch much TV this trip (which is good), so this was a good break.

This morning we decided to go visit more hotel/casinos and check out the architecture of each. First, we visited the Venetian. Our son Tim and his wife Kiersten recently stayed there. We got a good parking place in the lot not too far from the elevators. (thanks parking angel!) And then we toured the complex.

The canal with gondola and boatman in the Venetian

Of course, they had to replicate the canals complete with gondola ride and singing boatmen. The ride goes both indoors and outdoors around scenes from Venice. Even the sky is painted to look real and enhance the illusion.

One of the shopping areas in the Venetian

The shopping areas are tastefully done and there are fountains on the inside and out. They play classical music to complete the experience which we really enjoy as it is so much better than what most places were playing.

Looking down the lobby of the Venetian

The lobby of the hotel was done much like the inside of a cathedral in Venice with paintings on the ceiling and statuary everywhere. The Venetian is one of the few "theme" hotels, if not the only one, to really carry the theme throughout the premises, both inside and out. If you haven't seen it, be sure to put it on your list of places to see when you come here.

Human Statue

They have an area called St. Mark's Square which looks like a true Italian city square, except this one is full of shops. They also have street entertainment. Above is a lady dressed to look like a statue right in the walkway. She didn't fool me though as I kept my video camera filming her face until she blinked. But at first glance, you would think she was the real deal.

Then we crossed the street and walked past the Mirage to Caesar's Palace. This hotel/casino is done up in a Roman theme. This place is HUGE. It is very easy to get lost here. They are tricky devils too. They make it very easy to come in from the street as there are moving walkways and ramps to bring you right inside. However, there are no such amenities if you want to go back out. Sort of like a Roman themed roach motel - you can get in but you can hardly get out.

One of the statues in a pool at Caesar's Palace

There is a lot of statuary here, usually set in pools as fountains or into facades of buildings. A lot of Roman arches too.

The statue of David at Caesar's Palace

After checking out Caesar's digs, we walked over to the Mirage. This place was nothing special. The casino area had a fairly low ceiling which gave it a closed in feeling and it was dark. This is another hotel that could use a lesson in customer service. Their lobby lines were ridiculously long for a supposedly classy hotel. They did have a nice atrium in the middle of the facility with plants and some flowers. Other than that, nothing much here to rave about.

Plants in the Atrium at the Mirage

Last hotel for the day was Treasure Island, or TI for short. This hotel had a great theme portrayed on the outside with a pirate ship, skull cliff, and roped boardwalks, but they neglected to really carry the theme inside at all. Once you go inside, it is pretty much your standard vanilla casino and hotel. Not much more to say about it.

Skull cliff outside the Treasure Island Hotel/Casino

On the way back across the sky bridge to get our car at the Venetian, Carol took a great picture of the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel and casino. We hope to visit there tomorrow. Be sure to visit Carol's blog post for more great pictures of today's adventures.

Eiffel Tower outside the Paris Hotel/Casino

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