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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 13: Las Vegas, NV(Leg: 162.5, Trip: 1,292.3)

We left Zion RV Resort this morning for Las Vegas. We stopped at the WalMart in Hurricane to get some supplies and restock a few items. After leaving WalMart, we went to the I-15 freeway and crossed the stateline into Arizona just south of St. George. Since Arizona does not have daylight savings time, right now they are the same as Pacific time. So we gained an hour. 30 miles later, we crossed into Nevada. Interestingly enough, there are no real "rest areas" along the Nevada section of Interstate 15. Instead, there are some paved open areas off the road for "truck parking" which have no services or facilities of any kind save a dumpster. We used one of these areas for a quick break. Fortunately, the motor home is totally self contained. But I have no idea what the people in the cars do when they "have to go." This is desert and there are no trees except for a few random cactus. Not sure I'd want to use one of those.

Nevada's version of a rest stop.

In the Arizona/Nevada portion of the road, close to the border, you cross through some really neat cliffs that form a tight canyon for the Virgin River. While nowhere near as pretty as Zion, it is still interesting terrain.

Virgin River Canyon near Arizona/Nevada border

When we arrived near Las Vegas, I could not believe how it has grown. It has been something like 25 or so years since I was last here. The city has really spread out in all directions. There are many more tall buildings along the downtown and strip portions.

View of Las Vegas's tall buildings from I-15 north of town

We arrived at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort and it is really nice. Beautiful sites, great WiFi, security staff 24/7 at the entry gate, etc. Really top notch.

After setting up the motorhome and having lunch, we went off on errands. First to Camping World to get an adjustable water regulator which totally solved our water pressure problem and made Carol ever so happy! (always a good thing to do!)

My cell phone has not been holding a charge, so I am trying to find a new battery for it. Everyone seems to have to custom order it, but we won't be in any spot long enough to get it. We went to one Verizon store which sent us to another store which finally sent us to a batter specialty store who I called on the phone and said they had it only to find out when we got there that it was the wrong one and, you guessed it, they would have to order it. Rats!

Came back to the RV, installed the new water regulator, and did a few other chores. Now getting ready for dinner, then we are going to "cruise the strip" to get the lay of the land and maybe visit a casino/hotel or two to check out the design.


John Bardin said...

...I know your looking for Ann Margaret at the Sands.

John Bardin said...

...sorry, you are looking for Ann Margaret and disco-dancing with your bride. Beware of the one-armed bandits!