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Saturday, April 3, 2010


OK, so we have a big trip planned. Actually, we had a big trip planned last year, but Carol's open heart surgery forced us to put that off. So, this year we've made plans for an even bigger trip - almost twice as long and maybe twice as far.

Our plans start with departing on Tuesday, April 13. We will head to St. George Utah where I will visit my friends Terry and his wife Sally and George and his wife Vicki. Terry I knew from my days with the California Community Colleges. I did a lot of IT consulting to the various colleges and Terry moved around too and our paths often crossed. He was Vice Chancellor and I provided community college software.

George and I worked for many years with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony in Portland Oregon. I was President for 7 years and for most of those, George was the CFO. We had a lot of fun bringing sound business practices to the organization and met some wonderful people.

George and I played golf many times. Only played once with Terry - he was too good for me then. So we go to St. George for a few days. Then to Bryce and Zion National Parks in southern Utah. Then we head to Las Vegas for 4 days. We are not the gambling drinking types but I really want to see the various themed casinos. I was last in Vegas about 25 years ago, so a lot has changed.

After Las Vegas, we head to the Grand Canyon (aka "the Big Ditch") for 6 nights. I once flew my Cessna 210 there with some guys from church for a day, but Carol has never been there. We will be spending her birthday there which is a much better place than where she spent it last year. (Cardiac care unit).

After the big ditch, we are a bit more open: Possible spots to visit are Sedona, AZ; Mesa Verde National Park; Canyonlands National Park; Arches National Park (which we briefly visited about 15 or so years ago); and maybe, weather permitting, Yellowstone National Park. We just don't know at this point - much depends on what we feel like doing!

We plan to return sometime around May 22, plus or minus. I need to be home for some football semi-pro referee training activities so that places a limit.

Fortunately, we have a nice big new 2010 Bounder RV to make the trip in. I'll post more soon on the RV and it's associated equipment as we get it ready to go. (There is a brief description and pictures of the rig on the right side of this page under general information.) Stay tuned!

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Kiersten said...

Hi Dad!

I think your trip sounds awesome. Cardiac Care was a funny place for Mom's birthday - but we still partied. Remember the jello tower?! :)

I hope it's a great trip! We'll pray for your safety and lots of fun.